Breaking: Hangman -- A Vile Decree

RIYL: Backtrack, Terror, Protester

NYHC has a storied and intricate history. Its a unique sound that arguably has the greatest sway at the moment, specializing in a particularly brutal two-step driven, 90's hardcore sound that has experienced a significant resurgence in the hardcore and extreme music community. Relative newcomers to the Long Island Hardcore scene, Hangman are dropping their monster of a new EP, A Vile Decree, on November 3rd and honor that hardcore history of the region with a groove-laden, two-step-breakdown heavy EP.

Each song seems perfectly calculated for flying bodies and whirling fists in the best tradition of acts like Terror and Backtrack and Trapped Under Ice. Its straightforward, no-nonsense, classic hardcore. "Coming To," "Life Sentence," and "A Vile Decree" are absolute highlights and "Abandoned" features guest vocals from Neglect, which is a cool scene callback.

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