Breaking: Belle Miners--Powerful Owl

RIYL: Missy Higgins, Overcoats, A Fine Frenzy

The women of Belle Miners are something of miracles. Three childhood, lifelong friends brought together across continents and oceans in Australia whose intermingling and intertwining harmonies and voices present a warm, powerful voice in Australia's music scene. Accompanied mostly by acoustic guitars or bluesy pianos, and light percussion, the three women present a commanding performance on Powerful Owl, the band's debut. From songs about same-sex love, friendship, and touching on chilling moments of mortality (the final lyrics of "Strange World," with the rejoinder of "No one gets out alive...") with a deft and hopeful lightness, the band seems to be tackling more than their fare share of folk/blues/pop subjects in refreshingly mature and confident ways. Trading between the aforementioned folksiness of the majority of the record and bluesiness ("Who I Was"), occasionally accompanied by strings (as on "Stop Sign"), to soulful ballads, Powerful Owl has a living, breathing quality to it like the best of Missy Higgins' work. The kind of feeling that both breaks your heart and mends it in the same breath.

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