Breaking: Sugar Caves--Malarone Dreams

RIYL: Kelala, Nao, The Internet

Thick, dense sound. That is your first introduction to LA's newborn Sugar Caves. The atmosphere and beats are thick, hot, sweaty. There's barely room to breathe. And thats part of the point. Its a clever calculation that not only sets the listener off-kilter, off-base and keeps them there, backpedaling before their greatness, but it also sets them decidedly apart from much of the existing neo-soul out there which leans on lighter, sparser instrumentation. Beat master Solomon Murphy's swelling synths ebb and flow in a violent rip tide before the sultry-smooth dulcet tones of Brannon Rockwell-Charland. This is all-consuming, dangerous music. Music that seduces you into a deeper, darker world begging for release. That initial contact of "Malarone Dreams" sets you reeling, before "In This Moment" ushers you into moody atmosphere. But the walls of sound never. let. up. Its the kind of music that makes you get down on your knees and beg for obliteration and with a knowing smile, it gleefully complies.

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