Iron Chic/Off With Their Heads/Spells at Slidebar

Punk rock didnt save my life. It made it. Without Punk Rock I would be a very strange, different person. Well...stranger anyway. But luckily for me punk rock swooped in and gave me a reason. More than just a soundtrack to my life, it gave me a mode of looking at the world. "Lief is tough," it said, "and sometimes shitty. But there are moments of transcendence--and you can experience one type of this by screaming sweatily in basements with two to three hundred like-minded people." The first wave of punk came in the 70's and talked about how the world was an unfair,corrupt place and that the only logical reaction to this was a kind of nihilistic implosion. Punk rock emerged as those fans of early punk aged and weathered life and stubbornly refused to die young and leave a pretty corpse. It rubbed up against country and americana and took a blue collar resigned but also self-confident view of life. The world is unfair, sometimes our own minds betray us (as Off With Their Heads have been screaming about for years) but it hunkers down, squints its eyes, grits its teeth and barrels through the tough times.

This is a long-winded ramble to say that Iron Chic may be the very best of what punk rock has to offer in 2017. Their record "You Can't Stay Here" is absolutely stellar, essential listening that is going to give me and many others new things to scream in our cars, showers, and occaisional sweaty basements as we barrel through the hard times of life with a grim, resigned smile plastered on our faces.