Breaking: Thunderpussy -- Speed Queen

Thunderpussy are one of my favorite new bands. They are epic, uncompromising, consummate showmen, and amazingly genuine, welcoming people. They are a triple-threat to rock and roll at large--beauty, brains, and talent. They have a mission and are diving at it full-tilt. They just dropped their video for "Speed Queen," a song of same sex love and kinship, chronicling the meeting between singer Molly and guitarist Whitney.

"Making a music video is like adding the missing ingredient to a sonic recipe. ‘Speed Queen’ is a high octane rebellious story of desire; an aural vision and a labor of love. The energy behind the scenes was intoxicating and we hope that everyone who watches feels and tastes the wild concoction that is ‘Speed Queen.’ And may even want to join the journey of these rebels." -Molly Sides, Thunderpussy.

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