Breaking: Orpheo Mccord

RIYL: The Brick Soundtrack, Mogwai, 65daysofstatic

There are moments in the movie Brick where the film's signature marimba-like trill kicks in, highlighting and furthering the atmospheric movie's sense of otherworldiness and strangeness. Its a minimal, abstract theme that underlines the mysteriousness of the world in which the viewer is thrown into. Orpheo McCord's solo debut, Recovery Inhale, manages to do the same without the added help of a visual story. McCord's unique and innovative use of the marimba as a foundational aspect of his songwriting gives Recovery Inhale not only this esoteric mystique, but manages to imbue it with a kind of alien, meditative life. Its the kind of music that just begs to have a visual accompaniment to score, but manages to be whole and complete on its own as well, creating a deeply felt world through its minimalist ambient instrumentation and occasional forays into light post rock. Its an immersive and rejuvenating listen, which stands to reason as it was created as a refuge from the musican's endless touring with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and moving from the bustling megopolis of Los Angeles to the slower, creative-oriented Ojai.

Recovery Inhale comes out on January 26, 2018 through the artist's own Sound Creature Records.

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