Converge/Sumac/Cult Leader at the Regent

I could pour hours of ink into describing what makes Converge, Salem's hardcore gods, simply the best band that ever was. Not necessarily my favorite (though they are within the top three), but the best. From top to bottom they have had the most storied, consistent, influential, and finely-honed career of any band that could spring to mind. Their sound has always been progressive and vicious; every rabid, caustic scream or tortured guitar fret as gutting as it is empowering. And their live shows...their live shows are absolutely legendary. The last time I saw them was just before Axe to Fall in Cleveland--on tour with Thursday (also in that top 3) and Touche Amore (rounding out my top 5). I was floored. 

Last night Converge brought their very special brand of hardcore to LA for the first time in years. Playing most of The Dusk In Us, with a healthy helping from No Heroes and You Fail Me (as well as a classic or two from each of Jane Doe, All We Love..., and Axe to Fall), the band, as has been the case for 30 years, destroyed.