Breaking: One Decade -- Coma Visions

RIYL: Beacons, Scale the Summit, Animals as Leaders

For a solo artist, a release like Coma Visions is a crowning achievement, for Andrew Tkaczyk its absolutely miracuous. Coma Vision in itself is a lush, djent-driven intsumental hardcore record that manages to be epic and punishing it heaviness but wide and breathtaking in its scope. Much like Beacons, the One Decade project manages to span an incredible emotional diversity output, mingling delicate harmonies with driving percussion and mathy breakdowns. It's gorgeous and entirely amazing. Invariably, however, it will be the context of the record that--perhaps rightly, if distractingly--will dominate the discussion around this record. You see, Tkaczyk is the drummer for the melodic hardcore heroes The Ghost Inside, who's tragic bus crash several years ago has forced the band into reluctant hiatus while the various members convalesce and deal with the challenges from their injuries. Tkaczyk, an accomplished and talented drummer who's precision on stage is only matched by his humor off of it, was given the challenge of the loss of one of his legs. Bloodied but unbowed, Tkaczyk (and the rest of the band) have clearly been itching to get back to performing and Coma Visions is the first recorded output released by the various members of the band. The unrestrained spirit the members of the Ghost Inside display, their continued hope and strength through stebacks and breakthroughs alike, their unremitting camaraderie and sense of brotherhood, and moreover the unbridled talent that not even loss of limb can attempt to tether, is the kind of context that takes a record from being simply solid, or even great, to something bordering transcendent.

Get what you give.

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