Breaking: Morals -- Lost

RIYL: Hopesfall, Deftones, Glassjaw, The Receiving End of Sirens

The story of Morals is the story of overcoming obstacles. Health-related, logistical, collaborative,, lyrical. From a cursory glance, all the cards have been dealt against them--heart defects, back problems, skull shunts, and the everyday trials and tribulations of being a cross-country band. In between the band's last (excellent) Float EP and Lost there have been innumerable triumphs. And some of that dogged optimism bleeds through the edges of Lost. Despite the band's moody atmospherics and arrangements, Morals is a band that can't help but impart hope. There's been a change in approach as well, where previously the band has adhered pretty closely to a Deftones blueprint (and there are few better bands to try and follow closely to), this time around that Chino-aping aspect has been dialed back and in its place is an amazing and dynamic range in vocals. The presence is still there, but its less overt--cut tones that evoke Daryl Palumbo at his sultriest or Casey Crescenzo at his smoothest all over some of the best post-hardcore this side of Hopesfall's Magnetic North. Its a potent and heady combination and the three song EP just leaves you wanting so much more. 

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