Weekly Roundup: February 23, 2018

Turnstile - Time and Space

RIYL: Trapped Under Ice, GIVE, Backtrack

Turnstile moving to a major label like Roadrunner was a bold and unexpected move. The little hardcore band that could...suddenly had. But roadrunner has had a checkered history, and Turnstile is still a relatively new band--would their sophomore effort rise to the heights of their full length debut? Would Roadrunner impose strange sound evolution requirements? Would they fall prey to the sophomore slump? It turns out all these fears were unfounded--Time and Space is just as much fun as you would expect out of the Baltimore heroes. Where Time and Space differs than its predecessor is less catering to the actual group/gang chant moments that were rife in the first. In its place is a confidence and assurance of their sound--taking it in new directions that still feel unquestionably in their wheelhouse and are nevertheless an absolute blast. One of the best hardcore bands of the moment managed to put out some of thier best material yet.

Dessa - Chimes

RIYL: Doomtree, POS, Idle Warship

Dessa is unequivocally one of the best rappers around right now. The poetic songstress manages to weave heartbreaking and affirming stories through her songs--stories so human and relatable that they can warm the coldest heart or freeze the most careless person with heartache. Chimes is an absolutely fascinating release that hovers on just this side of hope. Mostly dealing with the fallout and subsequent recovery from a long-term romantic obsession (using neuroscience--the story is absolutely fascinating and I have no hope of doing justice to it so you should read this article HERE). Suffice it to say that her searingly personal and heart-rendingly clever rhymes and turns of phrase, mingled with her otherworldly vocals hit this writer right in the heartstrings. Let this be the soundtrack to your recovery--the road out of hell is long and hard but let it be within earshot of Chimes. 

Thunderpussy - Greatest Tits

RIYL: Screaming Females, White Lung, Mother Feather

This first official EP from Seattle's Thunderpussy is just a tantalizing tease of whats to cum from their impending full-length. Its four tracks of straight-up rock n roll with a glam attitude and blue humor. And it manages to accomplish exactly what it sets out to--while its nice to have their previously-released singles collected with a bonus new song, it just makes you want MORE. 

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