Breaking: Raveena -- Shanti

RIYL: Sugar Caves, The Internet, Bahamas


If you don’t fall in love with Raveen almost instantaneously upon hearing or viewing her, then there may be something wrong with you. The neo-soul/r&b songstress is fighting for a powerful and deliciously beautiful space for multiculturalism in the neo-soul landscape. When so much of our music genre’s have been copted or appropriated from different cultures and naotionalities, seeing an Indian American soul/r&b singer create deeply passionate and radiantly beautiful work with a decidedly multicultural emphasis is a refreshing and important change from a trend of white appropriation in so many genres. She released her EP, Shanti, towards the end of last year and it’s a damn shame that I have taken this long to remark on what a staggeringly amazing soul record this is. It’s a eminently confident statement of purpose and assertion of character—one that shows an incredible amount of potential and hints at themes and politics in subtle but important ways. I cannot wait to see more from her and you, dear reader wherever you are, would do well to check her out immediately.

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