Breaking: Kerby - Fire Intro

Love is not religion.

Love is just a lifestyle.

So much of life seems like it is meaningless rituals and strange, counter-productive internal beurocratic structures that make authentic communication a difficult prospect in the modern world. Separated by technology, expectations, cultures, conditions, structures, geography, and languaging, its a minor miracle that any of us can bond with each other long enough to create friendship or community or love. Kerby just dropped a video describing his inspirations and motivations for Mapenzi Sio Dini ("Love Is Not Religion") that I raved about a couple weeks back, and it's Fire Intro track--it was meant as a reminder that love isn't something that should be bounded by structures and rigidity, by ritual and ceremony--its a lifestyle, its a way of being. Check it out below and throw Kizazi some of that love. 

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