Breaking: Terra Naomi - Nothing to Hide

Melancholic is perhaps understating Terra Naomi's new single (and accompanying video), but then how else doe s a mature, emotionally grounded adult feel at the dissolution of a relationship? In "Nothing to Hide," Naomi seems to be in a state of resigned bitterness--her lyrics at once reflective, regretful, and self-accusatory as she ponders a new state of being without this relationship. Though the "fault" (as much as there is any in these situations) she seems to point towards herself, whether at the subject's direction or her own, as she calls herself sharp as nails, thick as ice, and essentially unfeeling, as well as a host of other things. This smacks, however, of the kind of overt self-flagellation that many of us are privy to at the end of relationships when we beat ourselves up over small things that were out of our control, or even if done "correctly," most likely would still have been in service to a relationship that wasn't working. This, of course, makes all of it incredibly authentic songwriting that speaks to mature, complicated feelings and tendencies that touch many, if not most of our lives. Accompanied by a gloriously richly toned black and white video, Terra Naomi is on a roll with her singles thus far this year so check her out and make sure to keep an eye out for more material. 

MusicLex Voightmusic