Breaking: Take Offense - Tensions On High


RIYL: Trapped Under Ice, Twitching Tongues, The Beautiful Ones

It's crazy to think that Take Offense have been around for nearly 15 years. The Chula Vista band has been cranking out the crossover thrash jams since teir inception, releasing two stellar full lengths in the last seven years. But in the last five, there has been quite a gap and a gap that has seen their brand of two-step heavy, 80's-riffage sporting brand of metallic hardcore ascend to the heights of the genre. In the interim, Take Offense has developed a newfound swing in their step--the thrashiness of their previous releases downplayed ever so slightly to incorporate a TUI-like groove that they pull off with aplomb, especially in "Unconditional" and EP-closer "Just Because You Believe," which breaks out in the second half into their more classic crossover sound. The five years spent honing their sound really show on Tensions On High--the EP is a tight burst of fury that leaves you slavering for more (particularly some tantalizing Twitching-Tongues-esque cleans in the closing seconds, which could show some interesting potential growth).

MusicLex Voightmusic