Drug Cult - "Serpent Therapy" Video

RIYL: King Woman, Khemmis, Pallbearer

Like fast-growing fungus.

Like flowing lava.

Like the slow heat death of the universe.

The destruction before Drug Cult is both inevitable and crushing. The Australian doom band is gearing up to release their first record and to build that antici...pation, they have debuted their video for their nearly ten minute track "Serpent Therapy," a winding, seductive counter-rhythm that seems to awake from your very subconscious. Its pulsing, dark sound accompanied by psychedelic imagery that evokes some of the best of Kenneth Anger-styled occult psychedelia. Let this be the soundtrack to a new Working. Let in enthrall you and keep you prisoner. Let it seduce you and keep you forever. Drug Cult's debut is going to be one for the aeons, if this small tidbit is anything to indicate. 

MusicLex Voightmusic