The Nicholas Mudd Band at The Lovesong

The Nick Mudd band has been my gateway to country music at large. While I may have started down the road with bands like Murder by Death, Larry and His Flask, or even solo artists like Chuck Ragan and Tim Barry, all of who's oeuvres gesture fiercely in the folk/country direction, I had yet to actually fully foray into country music at large until becoming friends with the Nick Mudd Band. Containing some of my favorite people in the world, the LA-based roots-country group is hitting the ground running--weaving themselves into the fabric of a surprisingly strong LA-based country scene (Check out Pretty Polly and Jaime Wyatt, among others, for proof). THe other week I caught them at The Lovesong as they managed to convert a crowd full of black metal kids attending the Darkthrone and Septic Flesh show next door.