Weekly Roundup: April 13, 2018

This week was a huge week for music. For that reason, and because I feel a bit like I am trying to review too much and not enjoying enough, this may be the last weekly round up for a little bit. 

Krimewatch - Krimewatch LP

RIYL: Firewalker, Angel Du$t, Odd Man Out

Krimewatch's expeditious ascendency to the hallowed echelons of Hardcore superstardom has been an expeditious one. With good reason--a couple of vicious demos under their belt and an electric live presence has led the band to a fervent fanbase and a hardcore scene fertile and ready for a changing of guard. Krimewatch's debut LP being a titanic and monstrous success was almost a foregone conclusion. It's everything you want it to be with the band sounding more powerful than EVER. 

Fiddlehead - Springtime and Blind

RIYL: Fugazi, Seaweed, Superheaven

Pat Flynn is a hardcore prophet. Between his established legacy with Have Heart and his endless new projects (Sweet Jesus, FREE, and Fiddlehead) the frontman extraordinaire is on track to be one of the most prolific (and important) voices in the genre. Fiddlehead looks back at the revolution summer and classic Dischord Records sound, updating it slightly but largely staying true to its slightly odder, more angular nature. If we never get another record from Fugazi (though several of the members released a record under The Messthetics not more than a couple weeks ago), Fiddlehead has provided a worthy successor. In fact, i'm not sure I can think of a better heir-apparent to the hardcore figureheads that Henry Rollins and Ian Mackaye have become than Pat Flynn.

Yashira - Shrine

RIYL: Converge, Chamber, Ed Gein

Yashira have created something really special with their debut, Shrine. While the Converge worship is certainly more than apparent, the band has taken Converge's sound, down-tuned, and mixed it with some darker influences--making it sound both grindier and more hardcore-y (these are very technical terms). 

Kate Mo$$ - I Stepped on a Dead Rats Head Today

RIYL: Girl Pusher, Ho99o9, Death Grips

I have spoken about my love for Kate Mo$$ before, and it is all but confirmed with this new EP. This is the kind of music that you burn heaven to--it has a quality of Miltonian defiance; prideful in its confidence and absolute certainty, yet also speaking to (or from) an underworld so utterly unlike mainstream reality as to be completely inverted or alien. Its caustic, rancid, and horrible in the best way.   

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