Appreciating Horse Feathers' Appreciation

The Eagles can be a polarizing band.

With just enough country influences to not quite be rock, enough rock to not quite be folk, and a kind of omnipresence that can, at times, be cloying, the "easy-rock" band has as large a legion of haters as it does of avid fans. 

I, for one, fall into the former camp, which makes Horse Feathers' Appreciation all that more remarkable by taking the template of folk-influenced easy rock and country and turning it into something that is soulful, enjoyable and deeply charismatic.

The 70's rock and folk influences are immediately evident but gone are the cloying vestiges of the 60's movement-gone-wrong that many of the folk-rock bands of the era fell prey to. In its place is a soulful, earnest effort that straddles its many influences with aplumb. 

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