Less Than Jake at the Belly Up

I had the unbelieveable treat and honr to be asked by Less Than Jake founder Vincent Fiorello to shoot for them at their San Diego date at the Belly Up in Solana Beach. Less Than Jake was the band that got me into music to begin with. In middle school, Tony Hawks Pro Skater was an entry drug, the fourth soundtrack containing an abridged version of "All My Best Friends are Metalheads." After enough rotations while stitching together unbelievable lines and tackling crazy verts, I wandered my way over to Barnes and Noble and bought the first album I would ever own that was mine--utterly and totally mine. Not handed down. Not passed along. Mine. Less Than Jake's Anthem, and it was a record that would change my life. 

Mirroring my first album, Less Than Jake were also the first show I ever went to--taken along by an elder classman in highschool who had an extra ticket and happened to know, despite my horrible shyness, that I loved punk music. 15 years old and crowd surfing at the legendary 930 club was as close to bliss as I could get in highschool. When the band started in with "Welcome home outcasts..." I was already hoarse with screaming. I had been indoctrinated and christened in sweat and I didn't even know it yet. 

Getting to shoot one of my all-time favorite bands was a dream come true and I can't thank LTJ and Vincent enough for that night and the years of inspiration and incredible shows. Check out the photos below.