Breaking: World Demise - S/T EP

RIYL: Bitter End, Biohazard, Wisdom in Chains

Everything old is new again.

At least in hardcore. The 90's are back in a big way in the scene as I have spoken about ad nauseum here and other places. Thick, groove-laden metallic hardcore is the zeitgeist of the late 2010's, with bands like Biohazard and Leeway getting name-dropped right and left. World Demise are no different, but where they manage to really set themselves apart--apart, of course, from their heavier-than-lead, tight, mosh-heavy songwriting--is that when they name drop these influences, they manage to convey some actual sense of familiarity with these bands besides simple aesthetic. Despite being a very new band--only just over a year old--they impart a seasoned veteran's war-weary attitude on these tracks; their sound and approach tapping so easily into the soul of hardcore itself that they seem already like a classic band--as if these songs have existed the whole time. 

I have little doubt of World Demise's imminent catapulting into hardcore limelight, quickly following the recent surge of Trail of Lies, in particular. 

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