Evanescence/Lindsey Stirling at the Greek

I must confess I walked into the Greek Theatre a sceptic. Evanescence had tripped my radar in my younger years with their style and their surprisingly aggressive "Back to Life," but I still thought about seeing them mostly as a novelty. Boy was I wrong.

Amy Lee strode out on stage wearing an extraordinarily poofed gothic-styled dress, the orchestra behind her shifting in their chairs. The lights dimmed, and she began to play. Quiet, dulcet tones emanated from the speakers and then the band kicked in and Ms. Lee's vocals soared and didn't stop soaring for the entire set. Evanescence's clever trajectory from nu-metal-adjacent darlings to fully-backed orchestral powerhouses with a heavy dose of industrial grit, is nothing short of invigorating. Some of the most angelic, and clearly classically-trained, vocals I've ever heard. And relative newcomer Lindsey Stirling's impressively acrobatic and consummate showmanship was an amazingly welcome surprise as well. Check out the pics below.